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Oscar's Life Complicated by Writers' Strike, New Setting

April 08, 1988|JOHN VOLAND

The Shrine's capacity also represents a chance for the full academy membership of 5,000 to actually attend the awards show. The Pavilion accommodated about 3,000 for previous Oscar shows.

"We've had constant complaints about not being able to seat the whole membership to view the awards they voted on being presented," Goldwyn said. "That won't happen this year."

But the Shrine may produce other difficulties. The Shrine's antiquated sound reinforcement system had to be overhauled to improve sound in the hall for those attending, and broadcast sound systems had to be redesigned in order to accommodate the new--and as yet untested--house system, Goldwyn said. Also, the air conditioning was found to be "sorely wanting and pretty noisy," he said.

"I called up the mayor's office and told them about the (air conditioning) problem," he added. "They practically shouted back, 'That's not right! For the Oscars? Everybody in those tuxedos and nervous? We're going to have to fix that!' "

There will also be the numerous small details and potential complications that go along with moving the show to a new venue, Goldwyn said, pointing to parking and traffic flow, delivery of sets, props and other hardware and crowd control.

"Heck, the first thing everyone asks me about the show is, 'What's going to wrong this year?' " Goldwyn said with a laugh.

"If the show runs 10 minutes long . . . I can live with that."

ABC has scheduled a Barbara Walters special to follow the Oscars at 9 p.m., with the usual disclaimer: "Time approximate."

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