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HIGH LIFE : Hey, Dude, What's the Fully 'In' Slang at Your High School?

April 09, 1988

Are you "in" with the "in" crowd?

They have their own way of walking and their own way of talking.

And they speak the same language--the language of slang.

Slang, which is simply transmitting information in a way that disguises it from outsiders, is also used to help define a particular group and to help that group keep out nonconformists.

So far as slang is concerned, it's not only what you say but how you say it that helps in establishing your place among your peers.

Here are some responses to this week's hot topic: "What is the 'in' slang saying or word at your high school?"

" Bail, cool, tight, and bad are all words that I've heard around campus."

--Tracy Cooper, 17, junior, Canyon

" Score me dude , is a phrase I've heard but don't like. I prefer groovy myself."

--Todd Kelsey, 17, junior, Canyon

" Hip and cool are the only two words that I can think of, since I use them a lot."

--Linda Logue, 16, sophomore, Canyon

" Weak . That's weak can be used for anything."

--Laura Binford, 17, junior, El Toro


' Cool or rad ."

--Liz Sanchez, 16, junior, El Toro

" What's up? But I never know how to respond."

--Kim Gurerra, 18, senior, El Toro

" Suck the luggage ."

--Seth Yakatan, 18, senior, Foothill

" Sweet . You can describe anything as sweet , or aus , which is short for awesome ."

--Brian Stern, 16, junior, Foothill

" So best ."

--Gina Nicolai, 17, senior, Foothill

"The hip statement at our school must be freak out ."

--Derek Stanford, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

"Since 1988 is the Year of the Bimbo, bimbo must be the hot word this season."

--Pam Fitzgerald, 17, senior, Los Alamitos

" Fully ."

--Richard Bonds, 16, junior, Mater Dei

" That's hot. "

--Christy Atkins, 16, junior, Mater Dei

" You're a part of it ."

--Greg Brown, 17, junior, Mater Dei

" That's so burnt and get a clue ."

--Jenni Keller, 17, junior, Mater Dei

"Probably the most used word is either dude or cool because it is just a word that the kids have developed. It's an expression for 'Oh, that's neat.' I guess it's just like saying rad or something like that."

--Sarah Metz, 17, junior, University

" Hey dude! I need my slang to create an image for myself."

--Jennifer Mata, 15, sophomore, Woodbridge

"Like when you get an A in school in your grade or something you are stoked ."

--Anna Chow, 15, sophomore, Woodbridge

Next Week's Hot Topic: "Do part-time jobs help or hinder full-time high school students?"

Hot Topic responses gathered by Craig Campanaro (Canyon), Dawn Stone (El Toro), Joanna Brooks (Foothill), Laurene Harding (Los Alamitos), Tanya Diaz (Mater Dei), Rebecca Leung (University), Jennifer Yao (Woodbridge).

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