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Hyundai's Healthy Indeed, After All

April 10, 1988

In a March 21 interview ("A Born Salesman Spots a Trend: Bigger and Better Autos"), auto dealer Jim Slemons questioned whether new entries in the business such as Hyundai will "have enough staying power."

A look at a few facts about Hyundai Motor America will show that the company not only has staying power--it is on a definite growth curve.

Rather than "tapering off" as Mr. Slemons suggests in his interview, sales for 1988 are ahead of last year, when Hyundai sold 263,610 cars and was the No. 4 automobile importer in the United States.

Moreover, Hyundai has 240 dealers in this country, all of whom have provided facilities used solely for the sale and service of Hyundai cars.

In addition, Hyundai will bring out a second entry later this year, a front-wheel-drive compact that will add to our growth and market presence.

Mr. Slemons was also quoted as saying Hyundai's popularity is "tapering off . . . because there is a Mitsubishi for the same price." Mr. Slemons might be interested to know that the Mitsubishi in question, the Precis, is manufactured by Hyundai.


Manager, Public Relations

Hyundai Motor America

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