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Tower Rising Beside a Lake Still to Come

April 10, 1988

The $10-million, 6-story Lakeside Tower in Tri City Corporate Centre, San Bernardino, is rising beside a lake you won't find on any map.

Now being scooped-out, the lake--so far nameless--will contain 1 million gallons of water, complete with bubbling fountains. A veranda fronting the length of the building's southern facade will lead to the water's edge.

This curving wall facing the lake will be embellished with round columns sheathed in tinted glass that will be lit to look like shimmering lanterns in the water.

Lakeside Tower will serve as the first of four office buildings to be connected by an arcade. Completion of the tower and the lake is scheduled for December.

Large Picture Windows

Containing 120,000 square feet, the curvilinear office building will have an exterior blending of glazed ceramic tile and tinted reflective glass.

The northern facade, facing the San Bernardino Mountains, will have 8-foot-high picture windows.

The tower was the subject of a design competition sponsored last year by Rancon Corp., Rancho California, which is funding development of the $180-million, 153-acre corporate center.

In selecting Leason Pomeroy Associates' design, a panel of judges, headed by Marvin Malecha, director of the School of Environmental Design at Cal Poly, Pomona, praised it for "simple and timeless resolution."

Child-Care Center

Plans for this year at the center also include start of construction of Two Carnegie Plaza, a 2-story office building, a 10-story Holiday Inn and a child-care center.

Already completed in the center are 2 four-story office buildings, 3 two-story garden office buildings, 4 light-industrial buildings and 2 restaurants.

Koll Construction Co., of Newport Beach, is general contractor. Kraft Architects, Irvine, is Tri City's master plan architects.

John E. Quinton, managing partner for the center, said that the center benefits from being at the junction of the San Bernardino (10) Freeway and Interstate 215. The center is located on what had been the site of the Tri City Airport.

He said most of the major commercial development in the Inland Empire is taking place along what is being called the "I-10 Corridor," which runs about 35 miles from the Pomona/Claremont area on the west to the tri-city area of San Bernardino, Riverside and Redlands on the east.

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