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Insurance Regulations

April 13, 1988

Recently I have received in the mail ballot initiatives requesting my signature to support lower auto insurance rates.

Considering that I have an 11-year-old sports car for which every two years I pay out its Blue Book value in insurance premiums at a "good-driver" rate, I welcome the idea of lower rates.

But I am a realist. So I question how this initiative will actually work.

My home insurance is getting out of hand. And we're not even talking earthquake coverage. Will the insurance companies continue to stick it to us in the working class who are just trying to survive?

If they want to do that, then I want to know who in Sacramento has allowed the insurance companies to get so out of hand. It's not as simple as blaming attorneys who push cases with lottery-amount payoffs.

So, I want the names of the elected state officials who have supported the rate hikes for insurance companies over the years. And, I want the names of those elected state officials who have not allowed insurance reform to get out of committee to the floor of the state house.

I want to vote all of them out of office. Even those who we have come to like and admire. Who are our elected representatives working for, us or themselves?

If they are working for me and you, a ballot initiative to lower insurance rates would not be necessary.


Los Angeles

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