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Metro Rail

April 15, 1988

Let me assure everyone that the RTD Metro Rail will begin carrying its first passengers on schedule in January of 1993. Work is progressing as scheduled and the project remains well under budget.

I take special note of this since some of your readers may have been unnecessarily concerned due to your March 30 article (Part I).

The delay we have experienced is not news to the public. In fact, we announced more than two months ago that unforeseeable circumstances, over which RTD had no control, resulted in an opening-day postponement of eight months.

Since then, RTD has solved these problems with the consulting and management firms that work with us to ensure a quality project.

As Alfred DelliBovi, administrator of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration, has pointed out, the delays RTD has had are nothing unusual for a project of this size.

The people of Los Angeles have patiently waited for Metro Rail to become a reality. Now that we have begun, it is our commitment to finish it safely, under budget and on schedule.



RTD Board of Directors

Los Angeles

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