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9 Men and 7,000 Women

April 22, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion 88 staff

Italian designer Nino Cerruti was in California, says his spokeswoman Mary Hall Ross, to look at possible San Francisco sites for a Cerruti menswear shop. But he also checked in at the Patricia Morange shop in Beverly Hills, where his women's collections bare sold. That visit turned up more celebrity news, Ross reports. Molly Ringwald had been in and selected two Cerruti suits for herself, one white linen and one pale-blue gabardine.

Husband-and-Wife Team

When Joseph Bologna and his wife, Renee Taylor, stopped in at I. Magnin, he did the shopping but she got the new clothes. Designer Maruscha (Miriam Parkes) tells Listen what happened after she showed them her spring collection. "Joe pulled out two dresses and said: 'You've got to have them,' " Parkes reports, adding that she wasn't surprised by his favorite dress. It's a silk print, covered with famous faces from old Hollywood.

Coastal Access

New York Bound: Spoiled, the fragrance that Herb Fink created, is selling briskly at Fink's Theodore shop in Beverly Hills and at Bullock's. But New York hasn't had a whiff. Now the news comes that Bloomingdale's has won the exclusive right to sell Spoiled in Manhattan, where it will be launched July 4. More eastward expansion ("maybe") is in the wind for Amen Wardy, the Orange County fashion purveyor with a shop of the same name. Wardy tells Listen he's considering opening in Manhattan, where he'd like to buy an elegant townhouse in which to sell his collection of tippy-top designer clothes.

Labels and Stars

It's not the average afternoon when one celeb shows up wearing a "planet" and another is wearing an "opera." But that's the plan for a fashion event with Hollywood stars modeling L.A. designer collections. Pat Colbert of "Dallas" is the one who'll wear the Opera label, Antoinette Byron of "Women In Prison," the sitcom, will take a twirl down the runway in designs by Planet. As for the others (stars and designers), we'll find out details at the show. Aileen Katz, who's helping organize the May 7 event at the Universal Sheraton hotel, tells us it's a fund-raiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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