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Selling the Boss

April 23, 1988

As a Los Angeles ticket broker, I am constantly getting abused and my morals are being questioned due to the price I am forced to charge for tickets to local events.

The L.A. Times and Robert Hilburn, in particular, are very hypocritical in their assessment of ticket brokers. One glance at any L.A. Times classified section will prove that the brokers are not the ones responsible for the outrageous prices we are forced to charge.

The Times accepts ads from private parties who are illegally scalping tickets that they paid face value for . They also do not have a business license to do this, nor do they report the income to both the state and federal government.

My suggestion is to get rid of the ticket entertainment portion of your classified section, and maybe this will help alleviate the problem.

All I'm saying, is that we are a legitimate, licensed business here for people's convenience and choice if they so desire.


V.I.P. Tickets

Santa Monica

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