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'Colors'--Different Hues

April 23, 1988

The movie "Colors" is nothing more than an exploitation of a serious sociological problem.

What is the fascination of the violence and hatred depicted in the movie? Why does any thinking human being make a conscious decision to see this movie? Curiosity? Remember what happens to a curious cat.

Gang problems are the result of unstable family units, economic, stagnation, lack of education and alienation from the greater part of society.

Rather than move toward effective solutions to these matters (which are definitely difficult to cure), Hollywood turns this disease into entertainment mainly intended for those of us living outside the inner cities.

This further defines an "us" and "them" reality. You in the audience watching "Colors" are the sheep being led into trading your dollars to selfless Hollywood film makers who care about nothing more than putting money in their pockets at any cost.

This film has no class. Were director Dennis Hopper and producer Robert Solo as talented as they believe themselves to be, they would have created a movie that uplifts man rather than one that demoralizes him.


Beverly Hills

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