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More Oscar Troubles

April 24, 1988

I take issue with Oscar Espada's comments regarding Eddie Murphy at the Academy Award show (Calendar Letters, April 17).

In terms of box-office bucks, Murphy has earned the right to speak exactly as he did. As long as the predominantly white fat cats are getting fatter off Murphy's successes, they can certainly indulge him for a few minutes.

No one was slandered or attacked. Heavens, the Academy Award podium has been used in the same manner by others with stronger words. I figure such episodes on Oscar night are a given--it helps make a rather bland show interesting and spontaneous.

Murphy's calculations about the likelihood of a black person winning an Oscar again occurring sometime in the next century were rather poignant. I share his frustration for blacks in the industry as well as for other non-white groups.

I am weary of seeing non-white groups being portrayed as heinous caricatures, victims or background filler on the screen and fairly non-existent behind the screen.

As long as the conditions which motivated Murphy to speak exist, I hope he and others of all backgrounds continue to sound out, scratched record or not.



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