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AIDS and Insurers

April 24, 1988

In response to "The Fight of Their Lives" (by Lynn Simross and David Johnston, April 14), medical insurance carriers are not practicing the discrimination against people with HIV antibody that you suggest.

In 1977 my mother was successfully treated for breast cancer. Ten years later, in excellent health, she was still virtually unable to obtain medical insurance.

All applicants for medical insurance are required to report full medical histories.

I don't know whether this is an "ethical" requirement, but I do know that it is only sound business for the insurance companies, who are not in business to care for the needy.

People with histories of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and other illnesses or diseases face the same terrible reality about medical coverage which many people now carrying the HIV antibody are facing.

Maybe it is time we stop blaming the insurance companies and start asking why our government doesn't have a national health protection plan that would not discriminate against anyone.



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