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Peninsula School Secession Forums

April 29, 1988

The county Committee on School District Reorganization will be holding two public hearings in May to receive testimony on a proposal that affects every resident of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Citizens who live on the east side of the Peninsula have submitted a petition, which, if approved, could lead to the formation of a new school district. This proposed district would consist of most of the existing Peninsula-wide school system that lies east of Crenshaw Boulevard and east of the Crenshaw right of way to the ocean.

The role of the county committee is to gather information on this issue and submit a recommendation to the state Board of Education, which makes the final decision on the petition. If the board approves the petition, it will call an election and determine which Peninsula residents will have the right to vote on the issue.

Under state law, a number of criteria must be satisfied to win approval of the petition. These include a minimal number of students, a sense of community identity in the proposed district, equitable division of the existing district's property, and whether reorganization will promote racial or ethnic discrimination.

Both sides have stated their positions in writing, and copies of these documents are available at all Peninsula libraries. The first public hearing will be at Miraleste High School on May 17, and the second will be May 25 at Rolling Hills High School.

The League of Women Voters urges Peninsula residents to learn more about this proposal and come to the hearings prepared to present thoughtful, informed testimony. The county committee wants to know how the community feels about this proposed major change in the local school district and who should be entitled to vote on the issue.


President, League of Women

Voters, Palos Verdes Peninsula

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