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Debate Over Paying Reparations to Japanese-American Internees

April 30, 1988

$20,000 apiece to Japanese-Americans who were interned in American camps during World War II? I like that. That sounds like a very decent thing to do. I think we ought to go a little further.

$20,000 apiece to all American Indians for taking their land.

$20,000 apiece to all blacks for the humiliation of slavery.

$20,000 to every woman who can prove she was beaten by her husband.

Let's get into the spirit of this thing; I'm sure we could come up with a few more examples. Or does the buck stop after this?

Do most Americans feel guilty about what happened to Japanese-Americans living here during World War II, or are they the only group that can afford the type of lawyers needed to pull this scam off?



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