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Strike Talk

May 01, 1988

Ten Reasons for a Long TV and Movie Writers Strike:

--Nothing is nobler than the struggle of the overpaid to be more overpaid.

--It's refreshing to see a labor dispute where bread-and-butter issues are replaced by croissant-and-caviar issues.

--The money for the poorest TV writer's salary will be freed to feed the entire nation of Ethiopia.

--If it goes on long enough, bean-field workers will go out in sympathy for Harlan Ellison.

--The average American may turn from watching TV six hours a day to reading, eventually replacing the networks with something new: literacy!

--Family members will be forced to talk to each other.

--"I Love Lucy" reruns are fresher than original "Mr. Belvedere's."

--The election and Olympics are funnier than sitcoms.

--A permanent writers strike is the only sure way to prevent "Police Academy 6."

--Movie financiers will turn to more stable, less risky investments--like nuclear power plants.


Van Nuys

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