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Hollywood Housing

May 01, 1988

This is in response to the March 27 article by Leon Whiteson on the meeting between Michael Woo and Hollywood residents. It does not correctly represent the opinion of our neighborhood association and contains several misconceptions and incorrect facts.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposed 40-unit affordable housing project at Franklin and La Brea avenues. Objections from the about 300 people in attendance centered on over-density, lack of parking and general congestion in the area.

These problems have grown significantly worse over the past three years as numerous 100-plus-unit apartment complexes were built near the proposed project. This overdevelopment has greatly degraded the "quality of life" in our neighborhood. The membership and board of directors of the Franklin/Hollywood Boulevard West Homeowners Assn. has overwhelmingly voted to oppose the housing project. It is our position that no further development of any kind be allowed on this site until the problems are resolved by our councilman.

Our association recommended to Woo that the proposed site be rezoned as a neighborhood park, or be left vacant. Contrary to Mr. Bob Crane's statement in the article, we believe that "vest-pocket parks" can work in our area. This site has been vacant for over 15 years, and we have not been troubled by drug dealers and prostitutes on that site. Furthermore, Mr. Crane is not currently a board member of the association as the article states.

Mr. Woo did appoint a community representative to the seven-person design competition jury. However, the appointee does not live in our neighborhood, nor close to the proposed site.

The issue is not one of "low-income housing." The issue is one of support systems and control of development to restore the quality of life to our Hollywood neighborhood.



Andres is president of the Franklin/Hollywood Boulevard West Homeowners Assn.

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