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Values in Netherlands

May 01, 1988|JACK ADLER

If you plan to visit the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, consider a Rhine Country Rail Pass offered by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. This $143 pass is provided by KLM on round trips between the United States and Amsterdam.

The pass, good until Oct. 31, offers unlimited, second-class rail travel on nine consecutive days. You're limited to nine days in Holland and nine days in West Germany and eight days in Switzerland. Use the pass for any combination up to nine days total.

Round-trip transatlantic passengers on KLM also can get the Super Holland Bargain, also good through Oct. 31. This program provides an Amsterdam hotel room and a continental breakfast, or a day room from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at an airport hotel. You can use the hotel either for your first or last night's stay in Amsterdam. Twenty-one hotels in or near Amsterdam are available.

The cost, depending on hotel, is $35 to $55, including service charges and taxes.

With it come vouchers good for 25% discounts on an Amsterdam canal cruise, a city tour, a Grand Holland tour and tours to Marken and Volendam.

In addition, KLM passengers can get a $5-a-day per person Avis rental car, based on two people traveling together for five to seven days.

The car has to be picked up and returned at the Amsterdam airport (or pay a drop-off charge). The VAT (value added tax, a type of national sales tax) is included in the rate, which also features unlimited mileage.

Contact travel agents or KLM at (800) 556-7777.

If planning to spend some time in the Netherlands, consider a Holland Leisure Card.

Discounts of up to 30% at some hotels, up to 25% on car rentals, up to 30% on domestic flights and up to 45% on a first-class day pass for unlimited travel by rail, bus, tram and subway throughout the Netherlands are offered.

Also offered are a 10% discount at some stores, 10% to 25% off at various sightseeing attractions and free admission to casinos. One free first-class rail transfer from the Amsterdam airport to either of the central rail stations in Amsterdam or The Hague is another feature.

The card is good for one year from date of purchase and costs $20.

A Holland Leisure Card-Plus, which also costs $20, adds free access to more than 300 museums. Both cards can be bought in the United States from travel agents or from the Netherlands Board of Tourism, 605 Market St., No. 401, San Francisco 94105. Call (213) 678-8802 or (415) 543-6772.

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