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Conrad on Israel and Conflict With the Palestinians

May 05, 1988

Conrad aptly draws attention to the misconception invented by Israel's aggressive propaganda machine that there are no Palestinians to talk peace with--a myth perpetuated to obscure Israel's state-administered genocide against the Palestinian people and its state-administered worldwide terrorism against Palestinian leadership.

The Palestinian people chose a leadership to represent them. Their leadership has been willing for over a decade to negotiate peace. Israel conveniently denies this fact. Peace must be negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations, whose purpose is the maintenance of international peace and security.

Conrad highlights the deception of Israel's public rhetoric of insistence on talking with a Palestinian leadership alternative to the one selected by the Palestinians as it covertly engages in a systematic elimination, by brutal slayings and illegal arrests and deportations, of any spontaneously emergent Palestinian leadership from Gaza and the West Bank.

The courage of Palestinian women and youth with slingshots confronting Israel's terrorizing war machine should inspire us Americans committed to the ideals of democracy, freedom and equality to join the world community in condemning Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. U.S. aid to Israel must be made conditional on Israel's returning of Palestinian land acquired in 1967 to its legitimate indigenous sovereign population--the Palestinians.


Committee Chair of Education

Documentation, and Study


Anti-Discrimination Committee

Los Angeles

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