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FOCUS : Orange County's Smallest City

May 05, 1988|Clipboard researched by Rick Vanderknyff, Susan Greene / Los Angeles Times

Less than two square miles in size, La Palma is Orange County's smallest city. It was originally known as Dairyland because it was once home to 35 dairies, which sprang up after World War II. In the early '60s most of those operations moved to the Ontario area. La Palma has become home - sweet - home to many commuters. The typical resident travels approximately 30 minutes to work. Last year the city's canine residents created severe problems--thanks to their natural processes. City hall responded with a pooper-scooper ordinance. Centerpointe La Palma--a $100 million hotel/retail/office complex--is to be constructed in two phases and completed in a year and a half. Many residents believe this complex is the key to the city's economic growth.


City Council: Larry Herman (mayor), Tom Wright (mayor pro tem), Keith Nelson, Orber Duke, Richard Polis

City Manager: Paul Bussey

Fire Chief: county

Chief of Police: Norman Hanson


Population: (1986 est.) 16,208

Area: 1.7 square miles

Incorporation: Oct. 26, 1955

Median household income: $44,247

Median home value: $122,951

Racial/ethnic mix: white, 82.5%; Latino, 15.2%; black, 3.1%; other, 14.5%

(Total is more than 100% becauseracial/ethnic breakdowns overlap)

City Services

City Hall

7822 Walker St.


Police (business)

7792 Walker St.


Fire (business)

7792 Walker St.


Post Office

7377 La Palma Ave.


In Emergency, Dial: 911

Employment status

Employed persons: 8,114

Unemployed: 288

Not in labor force: 2,637

Per capita income: $9,821


By sex and age In thousands

Median Age: 29.9years


Adults over 25 Years of school completed:

0-11 years: 13.5%

12 years: 34.9%

13-15 years: 29.3%

16+ years: 22.3%

Median years completed: 13.1

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics

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