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Waiting for the Big One

May 06, 1988

Let's pretend it won't happen. Nothing will come of it. Even scientists aren't sure when it will happen, only that it will happen. So no matter what, let's not believe.

Fortune telling is a lot of nonsense--unsupported fantasy in search of inspired guidance. Prophecies are always on shaky ground.

So what if Nostradamus thinks the big earthquake will come early in May. How would he know? He lived hundreds of years ago. Sure, a few of his predictions seem to have occurred. But that's just a matter of guessing, isn't it?

Isn't it? Of course it is. We all know no one can tell the future. Come on, these are modern times.

Besides, the city is ready for the big earthquake. People know what to do at home during one; they have food and water stockpiled and they have a plan on how to reunite their family. And businesses too--they have alternative data processing sites and emergency procedures are practiced at every job site.

Of course we're ready for the big one we all know is coming. We would be pretending if we didn't. And the month of May seems to be an especially good month to pretend it won't happen. So let's make it official. If we want something not to happen badly enough, it won't happen. Right? So . . .


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