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Welfare In Orange County : Welfare Fraud: Early Detection Program Taxpayer Savings

May 06, 1988|Clipboard researched by Deborrah Wilkinson, Henry Rivero / Los Angeles Times

March 1981-October 1987

As of October 1987, after 80 months of operation, the Welfare Fraud Early Detection and Prevention Program has saved over $104 million. The direct tax dollar savings to Orange County is 5 percent of that total or over $5.6 million. Federal and state governments share the bulk of savings totaling over $99 million. Recently, the United States Inspector General's office completed a study of efforts nationally to combat fraud. Their study looked at 22 states and concluded that the most impressive program in the nation is the program developed by Orange County. The taxpayer savings generated by the Orange County model have been replicated in 23 California counties, 24 states and several hunderd communities throughout the nation.

Total taxpayer savings: $104,752,428

Federal share: $52,376,214: 50%

State share: $46,719,583: 45%

County share: $5,656,631: 5%

Source: Welfare Fraud Early Detection and Prevention Program

Welfare in Orange County has many different facets. For information and help in identifying the correct assistance program for your needs, call (714) 834-8902.

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