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May 08, 1988

FATAL ATTRACTION by H. B. Gilmour, based on the screenplay by James Dearden. (Signet: $3.95.) A single woman becomes fixated on her love for a married man and ends up almost destroying everyone involved.

CARRIE by Stephen King. (Signet: $3.95.) Demons possess an introverted high school girl whose repression finally explodes in demonic revenge. (Soon to open as a Broadway musical.)

THE FINAL PLANET by Andrew M. Greeley. (TOR: $4.95.) Space travelers who belong to the Holy Order of St. Brigid and St. Brendan are desperate for a landing place. They send a reluctant Seamus O'Neil on a reconnaissance mission to the planet Zylong.

FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG by Dale Brown. (Berkley Books: $4.95.) The ultimate aerial battle between the United States and Soviet Union. It's the Soviets who have developed Star Wars technology, but the Americans match it with a modified B-52 bomber.

THE THANATOS SYNDROME by Walker Percy. (Ivy Books: $4.95.) Dr. Tom More suspects there's something wrong with just about everybody in Feliciana, La.--and the trouble is not purely of a medical nature.


SHOWDOWN AT GUCCI GULCH by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum and Alan S. Murray. (Vintage Books: $9.95.) The action behind the scenes as lawmakers and lobbyists squared off to shape the 1986 Tax-Reform Act.

FUNNY SAUCE by Delia Ephron. (Penguin Books: $3.95.) A stepparent's witty observations on modern-day family life.

GRACE: The Secret Lives of a Princess by James Spada. (Dell Publishing: $4.95.) Spada reveals the amorous, rebellious, artistic nature hidden behind the veneer of Monaco's "Ice Princess." Some new material not included in the cloth edition.

JORDI by Dr. Theodore Isaac Rubin. (Collier Books: $3.95.) A physician's recollection of several patients suffering from childhood schizophrenia.

THE BILL JAMES HISTORICAL BASEBALL ABSTRACT by Bill James. (Villard Books: $15.95.) Baseball's most prolific record keeper sifts through more than 100 years of history, producing novel statistics, essays and personal observations.


WHEN SMART PEOPLE FAIL: Rebuilding Yourself for Success by Carole Hyatt and Linda Gottlieb. (Penguin: $7.95.) The positive aspects of failure are identified and used as learning tools to achieve future successes.


HER OWN BUSINESS: Success Secrets of Entrepreneurial Women by Joanne Wilkens. (McGraw-Hill: $7.95.) Analysis of the evolution of a woman entrepreneur; from the moment of decision to go out on her own to the mechanics of running a business. Personal and business assessment exercises are included.

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