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Unwanted Title

May 08, 1988

Your April 15 edition carried a headline, "Judge Curbs Spending by Slum Landlord Schaefer."

I am not a slum landlord, and have not owned any substandard or deficient property for the past five years; I sold out the Los Angeles buildings that were plagued with vandalism and violence, situated between the territories of the 18th Street and the Playboy gangs that we read about in current coverage. I tried, and lost, and gave up on Los Angeles low-income property.

My San Diego family investments are models in efficiency and quality, and readers are invited to visit the Riviera Apartments at 12th and A or the Centre City Apartments at 1450 4th Ave.

My achievements are more in the field of constitutional law, as a San Diego attorney for more than 20 years. Or as the youngest man to ever be elected city councilman, serving two terms with 78% citywide reelection.

I know that headlines excite people. And sell papers. But let's be reasonable. And please don't ever write my obituary. I'll come back from the grave to complain if you can't find something to comment on other than the 1977-1981 apartment house mess in Los Angeles.


San Diego

Editor's note: The story reported that a bankruptcy judge ordered that a trustee be appointed to prevent Schaefer from spending money that should go to his creditors, including his former Los Angeles tenants.

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