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Oliver North's 'Badge of Honor'

May 08, 1988

When I read about the honor given by the Rev. Jerry Falwell and his Liberty University to retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, I was horrified (Part I, May 3). I guess I was just as horrified that the press felt it was important.

Likening North to Jesus was most undignified of Falwell and adds to my opinion that men like these would take away my rights so easily if given half a chance to run the government.

I was taught by my parents and religion that lying and deceit were wrong and punishable.

North admits to lying, he admits to destroying government property and several more dishonorable things.

Falwell chose to heap honor on a man who has no honor or respect for law or government or democracy.

This is not the America I am proud to tell foreign visitors of, nor the land I brag about when traveling abroad. When the leader of the "Moral Majority" honors an amoral man, this country is in real trouble.


El Toro

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