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May 11, 1988

In response to the letter from Aliano:

We couldn't agree more regarding the sentencing of the killers who took the lives of two police officers.

This is as heinous a crime as one can commit. However, to state, "So What! I've seen drunk drivers convicted of manslaughter get the same penalty," and to express the attitude that drunk drivers who kill are not to be taken as seriously, disturbs us greatly.

We feel that the crime of driving under the influence--especially when a death is involved--is just as serious. In most cases, these drivers are not sentenced harshly enough. If anything, the penalties are still so lenient that we wonder if people realize there is a crime involved!

Many police officers risk their lives each and every day apprehending impaired drivers--and in too many cases, are killed themselves. Is this to be considered an accident? We don't think so.

Comparisons of sentencing procedures for certain crimes are unproductive.



Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Los Angeles Chapter

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