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Ex-Pupil: Humor Not Demeaning

May 12, 1988

I have recently seen the news reports regarding teacher Kathy Stewart. As a 1985 graduate of this district, and a former student of Stewart's, I feel it necessary to express my support.

I am a junior in college and pursuing a career in medicine. As I look back at my teachers, Stewart stands out as the most dedicated and supportive.

While in junior high I was adjusting to the divorce of my parents and the remarriage of my mother. I need not explain the pain I experienced, but I got incredible support from Stewart. Her constant positive attitude, enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humor kept me coming to school when many times I felt like giving up.

It saddens me to think of her sense of humor taken out of context. I have worked with children for three years and I have been a camp counselor for two. My children at camp are at the same age as Stewart's students. I have never seen a child "humiliated" by a joke such as this. Children remain interested in activities and enjoy this humor.

I hope that the misconceived opinions of a few parents do not override the hundreds of grateful students and parents that Stewart has worked with throughout the years.

When I have a child in junior high, I hope she is as fortunate as I was to have such a compassionate teacher as Stewart. A child can only benefit from a positive and humorous atmosphere, especially when there are so many negative aspects to society.


San Dimas

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