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More Ways to Save Water

May 13, 1988

Thank you, David Johnston, for your tips on water saving ("New Rules on Water: Saving Your 10%," April 28). Here are a few more to add to the list.

1--Keep a watering can or pail on the drain board to put under the faucet while you wait for the water to run either hot or cold. You'll be surprised how many gallons you save. Use the water for indoor plants. Also add leftovers from the coffee and tea pots. Plants love a little nip from time to time.

2--It is not necessary to wash the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Just scrape off the loose garbage and let the machine do the rest.

3--Compost all kitchen garbage rather than washing it down the disposal. With a combination of garbage, leaves and garden trimmings, a compost box has no unpleasant odor and it provides fertile new soil for the garden. Even apartment dwellers can usually find a small corner for composting.

4--Cut down on toilet flushing. One flush will do for the whole family at bedtime. Remember, each flush uses 8 gallons of water.

5--Use a "solar clothes drier." It may not save water, but it goes along with conservation. Those of us in Southern California are blessed with many hours of sunshine. Why do we waste it by jamming our laundry into gas or electric driers? Hanging clothes on the line is good exercise and the clothes smell fresher.


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