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Quick Response by Firefighters

May 15, 1988

We are writing this to publicly thank the Orange County firefighters who responded so quickly and diligently to control the fire at our home April 25, which had been ignited by the launching of illegal fireworks on a nearby street.

When we arrived home, it was unclear how much damage our house and property would sustain. Although our dog was rescued, our 8-year-old son was concerned about his Nintendo set, and we were worried about our furniture and a lifetime of cherished keepsakes.

When we heard that three firefighters had been injured, we knew that they had had their hands full battling the blaze, and our worries turned to gratitude that we were all safe and that the tragedy had not occurred at night.

When we were finally allowed to enter the house, we were surprised to find that while most firefighters had been battling the flames, some had been covering our furniture and belongings with tarps to protect them from the falling roof and the deluge of water.

In fact, many of our possessions were saved, including all of our irreplaceable keepsakes (and the Nintendo as well).

Many area residents have driven by to see what remains of our house, and we have encouraged parents to bring their children by to see the damage that can result from playing with fireworks.

As July 4 approaches, we hope that the loss of our home may help prevent others from suffering perhaps a more tragic loss.


Seal Beach

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