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Congressional Candidate Wieder's Embellished Educational Record

May 15, 1988

I certainly do not want Harriett M. Wieder to be my representative in the 42nd Congressional District. And I no longer want her as the chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

First, she sets a very bad example. Lots of people have worked very hard and sacrificed much in order to get a bachelor's degree from college. Now we find that we have somebody, in the public eye, who for 25 years has maintained a fiction.

I realize that a lot of small-minded people claim awards and degrees that are not true, in order to embellish their rather petty pasts, but Wieder is supposed to be someone that we can look up to, a leader. She has lost the right to be respected.

Second, I really do not want a stupid person to be my representative. Stupidity has nothing to do with whether one has graduated from college. Many very bright people do not have a degree, and many that do have the sheepskin are rather on the dull side.

But anyone who wants to be a representative should be bright enough to understand that her record will come under close scrutiny, and anything as blatantly false as Wieder's claim to have graduated from Wayne State University will immediately be exposed.

This is a person of slow wits, and a certain measure of dishonesty. I'll take a wiser, more honest candidate, please.

We have enough trouble trying to keep the image of politics reasonably unsullied. Wieder has not helped. If she is a person of character, she will volunteer to step down from the Board of Supervisors.


Laguna Beach

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