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Advice for Toni Grant

May 15, 1988

Toni, Toni, Toni. You have me so confused ("Toni Grant: Taking Her Own Advice" by Nikki Finke, April 28).

First, you have always come across as a strong, liberated woman, and I bet your calendar is as filled with things that are as important to you as any "Amazon ladies who have forgotten how to be feminine."

Then, you say you are "a leader of people. I am an inspiration to people" and next you say you plotted your engagement to multimillionaire businessman John Bell, and you refer to women who call and ask for your advice about relationships "bimbos."

Then, you say you did "offer to follow my man" and next I read he is uprooting his family and moving to California and into your home.

Then, your fiance said you could have any engagement ring you wanted, but he did not want you to get gauche. You said "Forget about low-key here" and a 5-carat solitaire is on order.

I think I'll go back to watching Lucy and Desi on the reruns of "I Love Lucy." That show was labeled a comedy.


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