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'Automatic Deadlines'

May 16, 1988

Assemblyman Roos is under the impression (and so is The Times) that semiautomatic firearms and non-existing plastic (non-metal) arms should be banned from being owned by the general public because they are designed to kill people, and not designed for sports and or protection. I will correct you on all allegations.

First, all guns and arms are potentially deadly. If they weren't they wouldn't have any use.

Second, these semiautomatic arms are used for legal high-powered rifle matches and legal hunting.

Third, these arms are designed for protection, and are ideal for personal defense against criminal attacks and tyrants both domestic and international.

Finally, it is already a federal felony (10-year prison term) for converting a non-machine gun to a machine gun.

Let's enforce "Use a Gun--Go to Jail."

Let's exercise "capital punishment."


Redondo Beach

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