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Marylouise Oates

'Miserables' Benefits Slated

May 18, 1988|Marylouise Oates

Not since the 19th Century have so many people lined up for a revolution. Welcome to "Les Miserables" madness.

Unless you are on the benefit circuit, or have really planned ahead, you are looking at getting your front row center in late September. (That's no long wait for experienced theater-philes in New York.) Here some will have to settle for just your ordinary good orchestra seats. And even for those, it's wait-until-July.

The Les Miz madness biz officially begins at the grand opening June 1, a promised splashy, starry night that includes a quick couple of blocks hop to the post-performance party on a sound stage at 20th Century Fox.

But in the days before the official opening, benefit previews will fill the Shubert Theatre with stars of the local social scene. It all starts Sunday when Jewish Family Services of Santa Monica does a massive theater party. Mount St. Mary's hosts the May 26 event.

It's to the social barricades May 28. That's when the hot, younger set fills up the seats. The party for CHIPS (Colleague Helpers in Philanthropic Service) is chaired by Isabel Leahey with a committee that includes CHIPS president Janice Schumacher and Kitty Bartholomew.

The Sunday matinee on May 29 benefits the Technion Leadership Council, the American Society for Technion and the Israel Institute of Technology, with a committee that includes Edie Fischer, Judy Henning, Linda May, Jill Medlinsky and Marcia Harrow.

With Mimi West and Ellen Hoberman chairing the event for May 27, it's guaranteed that the benefit performance for the L.A. Free Clinic's Seniel Ostrow Building Fund will pull in a lot of brand names. Their co-chairs include Ann Banks, Susan Weetheimer, Joan Cohen, Ann Krakover, Anita Alberts, Don Spentner, Greta Furst, Frances Helfman, Andrew Jurun and Lisa White.

AIDS Project/L.A. is hosting the benefit preview May 31, the night before the opening.

Ah yes, already assigned seats for the June 1 opening--Bob Hope along with Charles Bronson and his wife, Jill Ireland. Now if that gives you an idea of how hard these tickets are to get. . . .

MORE AND MORE--That annual almost-summer festival, the Venice Family Clinic's Art Walk and much, much more takes place Sunday.

This year the dinner at the Santa Monica Air Center will honor Lucy and Isadore Adelman along with Dr. Daniel Hillman.

Earlier in the day, special four-hour docent tours will be led by art specialists. The $75 donation includes lunches at the Meyers/Bloom Gallery and the Santa Monica Museum of Art catered by Rococo.

The Art Walk itself starts at the Westminster School at noon, and for $35, it's one great day. Kudos to Sheila Goldberg, who is chairing the day, and to a steering committee that includes Irma Colen, Adele Yellin and Barbara Hirsch. . . .

The Asian American Drug Abuse Program celebrates its 15th year of service to the community with a gala benefit dinner Saturday. Rep. Robert T. Matsui will address the AADAP, which will in turn honor Matsui and his wife, Doris, for their work with young people and with anti-substance abuse programs.

PASS THE TICKET, PLEASE--And on the way, congratulations to L. A. Music Center Opera League Contest coordinators Phyllis Sandifer and Marilyn Erhman. They and their committee have passed the $100,000 money-raising mark with the Opera League Raffle.

With just weeks to the June 10 drawing date, there is only $25,000 more to raise. And look what the prizes include--shopping sprees at Tiffany's or Nordstrom, a new Volvo, and trips to Paris, London and Hawaii. (But, wait, there's no opera in Hawaii, is there?)

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