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'Insured Chaos' in California

May 20, 1988

Your editorial "Insured Chaos" (May 9) was interesting. However, I simply cannot wish I lived in another galaxy far, far away.

I live and work in Los Angeles. I have experienced the impact personally of the state Legislature's inability to serve the motoring taxpayer fairly.

The news media would do a great service to the motoring public by advising what the state's mandatory auto insurance law allows the auto insurers to do to our rates.

The state allows the motoring public to be victimized and "ripped off" financially by the auto insurers. Using Department of Motor Vehicle reports, insurance companies raise rates as much as 400%, regardless of fault.

The umpire in this game is the auto insurers. Three hits and you are out.

You can have a good driving record for over 40 years and not realize you have been betrayed by the state until it's your turn at bat and the automobile insurers unfairly strike you out and ransack your pockets.



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