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The Campaign for a Seat in 40th Congressional District

May 21, 1988

Re 40th Congressional District race:

Never have I seen so many candidates selling their "capabilities" via "I love all people," "I am a conservative" and "President Reagan loves me" literature. It would be a tremendous cost savings if each candidate utilized the same political consulting firm and mailed out the same brochures except for the pictures and candidate names, along with the statement "only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent."

There are three parameters that should be considered in voting for any political candidate:

Who best represents the views, philosophies and interests of the voter and the nation as a whole?

Who has the most experience, ability and knowledge to deal with the many technical and complex international and social issues?

Who can you trust the most with your government?

Instead of having sufficient information available from each candidate to grade the above parameters, we are exposed to only No. 1 and who endorses whom (this has become a syndrome of politics in general). How many times has the best candidate lost because of being the "new kid on the block," not "paying his/her dues," or not being financially backed by the "right" special-interest group(s)?

Most statements and brochures issued so far by the candidates cover local issues that have little federal involvement; the federal issues they do address are so motherhood-oriented that no one has serious disagreement. It is time for less motherhood and more specifics on proposed solutions.

Candidates, please tell me about your technical backgrounds, education and management experience related to the major issues of international affairs, defense, space, environment, security and trade. Again, it is a requirement to have a stand on the key issues, but it is not sufficient in itself: You must demonstrate your ability to resolve the issues.

I also detest the mudslinging in progress. It is usually the "slinger" who demonstrates his ineptitudes. The "slingee" usually comes out ahead. Was it Adlai Stevenson or Confucius who said, "Those who throw mud lose ground."

If the candidates cannot address all three evaluation parameters without relying on motherhood, then the voters have an alternative on June 7: write-ins.


Newport Beach

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