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May 22, 1988

On May 11, your reporters covered the sentencing of my daughter's (Shari Miller) murderer, Bill Bradford (Metro, May 12). This was the culmination of 3 1/2 years of slow justice.

I am writing to you because I need a public forum not only to express my frustrations with the criminal justice system, but also to express my thanks to some warm, caring, wonderful people who have given my son David, Shari's twin brother, and myself support and friendship.

I want to thank Detectives John St. John and Chuck Worthen and Deputy Dist. Attys. Pamela Ann Ferraro and David Conn, who all selflessly investigated and prosecuted this case. From the first moment on Aug. 1, 1984, when Detective St. John had the horrendous task of informing me of my daughter's death, he acted with compassion, feeling and tact. No one except one who is the victim of such a crime can appreciate the dedication, work and time that these four people expended on this matter.

I read criticism of the Los Angeles Police Department and the district attorney's office every day; so I must express the opposite side of the coin. Had it been in my power to pick a team of people, I could not have done better.

I must also express my utter contempt of the defense attorneys for their delaying tactics, irrelevant arguments and the bill they ran up for the taxpayers.

Somewhere there is a lesson to be gained by this slow course of justice.



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