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May 23, 1988

In a Timesw column (Op-Ed Page, May2), Timothy Saasta criticized three "fallacies" he saw embedded in a recently published book of mine, "Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy," which points out the tendency of large corporations to fund the political and social left. Since hewas seeing things that just aren't there, I would like to correct the record.

First, Saasta suggested that I opposed "equal treatment of women or minorities." I do not. My writing clearly opposes the unequal treatment that results from quotas and governmental pressure to hire or promote employees--white or black, male or female--based on group characteristics rather than individual performance.

Second, Saasta suggested that I "label any organization that wants change as left-leaning and a threat to our system." I clearly do not, since the book recommends that corporations contribute to groups working for real change, like the inner-city NationalCenter for Neighborhood Enterprise, and not just a more-of-the-same welfare system.

Third, Saasta suggested that I was "criticizing support for any organization that asks hard questions." To the contrary, I would even recommend that corporations support Saasta'sorganization, the Center for Community Change,if it were willing to ask hard questions and find honest answers concerning the government power system it wishes to expand.

What we all need to guard against here is the Orwellian use of language: Let's not make "change" and "left" synonymous, as the Center for Community Change has tried to do.


University of Texas

Austin, Texas.

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