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Cars and Bicycles: Two-Way Street

May 24, 1988

Jim Moore (Letters, April 29), writing on the death of two skaters and his view of bicyclists, feels that the city should "crack down" on cycling use on certain streets during rush hour. He goes on to say that he gets frustrated by driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic and negotiating with cyclists. He feels that the ones on bikes are on their "morning or afternoon workout." He also feels that the ones traveling to and from work should either "take the bus or an alternative route."

Well, I know how he feels. I ride a bike. I go everywhere on my bike. I don't have to pay outrageous insurance payments. I can always find a parking place. I don't have to deal with traffic on the freeway, which is where Mr. Moore should drive if he doesn't want to deal with bicyclists.

I will agree with Mr. Moore that "negotiating" with drivers that don't know which lane they want to be in can be very frustrating and dangerous. I will also agree that we desperately need more bike lane stripes painted on the streets of Southern California.

I am one of the few responsible inhabitants of this Earth that do not believe in wasting valuable resources. That's one reason I will not ride a bus, besides the fact that the RTD is the lamest excuse for public transportation I've ever seen. As far as alternative routes, how many streets are there between the San Fernando Valley and the basin? Out of those, how many are safe?

The League of American Wheelmen reminds us that May is National Bike Month, which will be commemorated by activities organized by LAW-affiliated clubs across the country. The emphasis will be effective, safe cycling and the use of the bicycle as an alternative to the automobile. The highlight of the month was Bike to Work Day, Wednesday.

I hope Mr. Moore will get on a bike and see the efficient way of life.


Granada Hills

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