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In Defense of the Rent Review Board

May 26, 1988

They're "bashing" mobile home owners again in the city of Carson.

Now a group of misinformed citizens is in the process of circulating petitions in the city for a park owner-backed initiative which would, in effect, put our hard-fought-for Mobile Home Rent Review Board out of commission.

This initiative states that those of us who can afford to be gouged by park owners should not be covered by the Rent Review Board but instead should submit meekly to 9% increases for the next two years, followed by increases felt by park owners to be in line with fair market rent.

Meanwhile, residents needing rent assistance will have to submit reams of paper work concerning their personal finances to the Rent Review Board to see if they qualify for such under federal Housing and Urban Development standards. This initiative states that the majority of us don't "deserve" the "windfall" of rent stabilization.

Can you believe that? Don't deserve rent stabilization? We're not talking about residents of Palos Verdes or the beach cities here. We're talking about senior citizens on fixed incomes and blue-collar workers who toil hard for their pay.

Many of us have mortgages on our coaches in addition to paying rent for our space each month, and we can't "just move" like apartment dwellers. (Where could we go to if we could?) Our rent that we pay to park owners goes for park maintenance, security, property taxes--everything a resident of conventional housing pays and more. We also are responsible for our own landscaping.

If you, as a registered voter in the city of Carson, sign that petition, you are sentencing your fellow citizens to possible economic eviction.

And merchants of Carson, please support us! Did you know there are about 5,000 mobile home residents in this city? If all the parks close, it's like losing 5,000 jobs. Your revenue would be sorely affected, as well as the total revenue for the city's treasury.

Petition supporters would have you believe that the current Rent Review Board exposes the city and its taxpayers to substantial litigation and potential liability to landlords. Bull!

Our rent stabilization ordinance has passed the test in every court of the land because it does not discuss dollar value and calendar periods of time.

And talk about costs! Can you imagine the costs to the taxpayers concerning the Rent Review Board's attempt to process all that paper work in addition to its normal duties?

I feel certain that the city has brought on many more problems than it can handle. And I can tell you that we mobile home owners are sticking together now, and I can also assure you that we are not alone.

If you agree that the city of Carson belongs to the people and the City Council members are answerable to the will of the people, then get off your bed of apathy--all mobile home owners and our supporters--and call City Hall at 830-7600 and register your complaints with your elected representatives.

Let's all be at the next City Council meeting June 7 and see if we can kill that initiative before it's too late.



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