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Overcoming the Cycle of Poverty in Los Angeles Housing Projects

May 28, 1988

Adding to the tragedy so well described by Times reporter Jill Stewart is the fact that many government agencies in Los Angeles own housing stock which rests vacant. This unoccupied housing would make fine temporary homes for homeless families forced to survive on the street.

Vacated housing can be used for periods as short as one day and as long as months and years. Any homeless person will tell you what a difference a real home makes.

When the Los Angeles Unified School District endeavored to acquire a four-bedroom home next to Wilton Place Elementary School, nearby homeowners and political representatives vigorously protested the purchase and planned destruction of the property. The Board of Education member for the area, to appease concerns raised by the community and other board members, agreed that the property could be rented out.

This beautiful house, even now, has remained vacant since January, and, through lack of care of the grounds, has become an eyesore to the remaining well-kept homes in the area.

If Los Angeles cares for people, especially the children, let's see some action to back up the rhetoric.


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