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Overcoming the Cycle of Poverty in Los Angeles Housing Projects

May 28, 1988

From time to time our local politicians pompously pontificate about (alleged) slumlords, city departments issue citations and our courts fine the building owners, sometimes forcing owners to live in one of the defective apartments (Metro, May 27).

Suddenly, it has been discovered that the housing projects owned by Los Angeles are slums!

Strangely, no one has called for the city departments to issue citations or to levy fines against the responsible politicians, starting with the mayor or for the courts to sentence the mayor or council members to live in the housing projects!

Certainly, no one believes that any apartment building owner or manager moves 12 people ( referred to as "extended" family) into an apartment big enough for four to break the windows and screens, damage and plug up the plumbing, break the various fixtures, dump garbage, etc.

It is time to acknowledge that many tenants live like pigs and are responsible for most if not all of the described damage. It is past time for guilty tenants to be fined and jailed.

Coincidentally, I do not own any rental property.



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