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Hollywood Signs

May 29, 1988

"When Ferris Bueller Meets the Elephant Man" was a refreshing, new look at Hollywood (Hollywood Signs, by Burt Prelutsky, May 22)!

Why should we expect the entertainment industry to produce true moral/ethical films? Isn't this the industry that:

. . . until recently, was more likely to "just say yes" to drugs?

. . . has seen some of its "stars" suffer from AIDS--primarily a homosexual and drug-user disease in the United States?

. . . has favored leftist, America-bashing politics?

. . . has helped spread the "if it feels good, do it" philosophy?

. . . has avoided the subject of God, unless presented in an unfavorable light?

Can people really expect to get moral and ethical guidance from Hollywood Babylon? Can a leopard change its spots?

It's time to point the finger back at these rich, spoiled finger-pointers.



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