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Great 'Star Trek'

May 29, 1988

Regarding Patricia Hayes' prudish letter criticizing the violence in the "Conspiracy" episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (Calendar Letters, May 22):

Rather than an "inexplicable insult," "Conspiracy" was far and away the best episode of the season.

What a pleasure to see the show's writers tell a real story for a change, complete with drama, intensity, action (and yes, a little horror), rather than sit there and pat themselves on the back for their nobility and social consciousness.

Instead of being "rebuked for irresponsibility," the show's production staff should be applauded for having the daring to finally produce an episode that takes full advantage of the fact that the show is syndicated and not subject to the ridiculously rigid restrictions of the network censors.

After months of sitting through episodes that have been (with a few notable exceptions) pale rehashes of the original series or turgid little morality plays, timid enough for Saturday morning kidvid, we found it a sheer delight to see a little wicked fun.

We greatly prefer stories where Capt. Picard acts like a real captain, beaming into the thick of things, phaser in hand if necessary, to take positive action, to episodes where he sits hamstrung on the bridge, moaning to Counselor Troi and the bridge crew, "Help me. What do I do? Give me advice," like a doddering old granny.

Here are two votes for more "Conspiracy's," less pabulum.



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