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ELECTIONS '88 : ORANGE COUNTY : Answer to 2-Year-Old Coastal Cityhood Question Up to the Voters Now

May 29, 1988|MARIANN HANSEN | Times Staff Writer

However, Davy said the proposed coastal-city area still would have a large voting block to prevent those things from happening.

"Politicians can manipulate boundaries, but we retain the right to vote," Davy said. Measure A, the Citizens' Sensible Growth and Traffic Control Initiative, which only affects the unincorporated areas, also has become an issue in the election.

If it is approved, it would apply to the proposed city of Dana Point because the area will be unincorporated until Jan. 1, 1989. At that time, the city will adopt the county's ordinances--including the slow-growth initiative--as its own for at least 120 days. After that, the City Council has the option of continuing it.

"The City Council would have a chance to see how (Measure A) works and can change it or make its own plan," Crump said.

'Threat to Measure A'

But Davy said the anti-cityhood group supports Measure A and sees incorporation as a threat to the initiative because council members would have the opportunity to enact ordinances that differ.

"A vote for incorporation could possibly kill the beneficial results of the slow-growth initiative," Davy said.

He also noted that the anti-cityhood group believes there is a silent majority of people against incorporation who will show up at the polls.

"Generally, a lot of people just don't want another nit-picky layer of politicians," he said.

But incorporation supporters believe it is time they had local representation instead of relying on one county supervisor representing a large district.

Said cityhood proponent Russ Marshburn: "It's a chance to have one voice in 20,000 versus 1 voice in 200,000."


If the voters decide June 7 that Dana Point, Capistrano Beach and coastal Laguna Niguel should become one city, a City Council will be created. Hoping to fill the five seats are 23 candidates from the three communities.

Bill Bamattre

Occupation: Los Angeles Fire Department captain

Age: 36

Residence: 5 1/2-year Dana Point resident

Thomas R. Brabeck

Occupation: real estate broker

Age: 40

Residence: 19-year Dana Point resident

Ron Buchheim

Occupation: teacher at Dana Hills High School and property manager

Age: 41

Residence: lifetime Dana Point resident

Chuck Chapin

Occupation: administrator at Cal State Fullerton

Age: 32

Residence: five-year Dana Point resident

Judy Curreri

Occupation: public health nurse

Age: 45

Residence: 13-year Dana Point resident

Addison DeBoi

Occupation: engineer for Southern California Edison Co.

Age: 37

Residence: lifetime resident of area and now in Capistrano Beach

Mike Eggers

Occupation: businessman and congressional aide to Rep. Ron Packard (R-Carlsbad)

Age: 40

Residence: 16-year Dana Point resident

Harold R. Kaufman

Occupation: businessman, negotiator

Age: 46

Residence: four-year Dana Point resident

Bill Kennedy

Occupation: retired automotive specialist

Age: 70

Residence: 11-year Dana Point resident

Eileen Krause

Occupation: owner of an air pollution control company

Age: 44

Residence: 21-year Laguna Niguel resident

Geoffrey Lachner

Occupation: attorney

Age: 43

Residence: seven-year Dana Point resident

Margaret (Peg) Maynard

Occupation: immigration and naturalization attorney Age: 53

Residence: 10 1/2-year Laguna Niguel resident

Harold F. McGrath

Occupation: attorney and businessman

Age: 55

Residence: 15-year Laguna Niguel resident

Ingrid McGuire

Occupation: member of the board of directors of the South Coast Water District

Age: 56

Residence: nine-year Laguna Niguel resident

Fred Mellenbruch

Occupation: Realtor

Age: 41

Residence: one-year Laguna Niguel resident

Robert (Bob) Moore

Occupation: businessman

Age: 64

Residence: 12-year Laguna Niguel resident

Lynn J. Muir

Occupation: architect Age: 59

Residence: 36-year Dana Point resident

Howard Neufeld

Occupation: attorney

Age: 40

Residence: five-year Capistrano Beach resident

Louis Roberts

Occupation: attorney Age: 36

Residence: six-month Dana Point resident

Richard D. Runge

Occupation: county civil engineer

Age: 53

Residence: 18-year Dana Point resident

W. F. (Scotty) Smith

Occupation: retired aerospace supervisor

Age: 71

Residence: 15-year Capistrano Beach resident

Brian Valerie

Occupation: contract negotiator

Age: 37

Residence: six-year Dana Point resident

William Walker

Occupation: retired quality control manager

Age: 60

Residence: 5 1/2-year Dana Point resident

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