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Bowers Museum's Plan for Expansion

May 29, 1988

Thank you for your editorial "Investment in the Arts is Just Good Business (May 8)." As you pointed out, a flourishing cultural environment stimulates business growth because it attracts potential customers to the area. By concluding that support of the arts is a wise business investment, you were able to reach Orange County's corporate community on a fiscal, rather than a purely philanthropic, level.

One point, however, must be clarified. The editorial incorrectly states that Bowers Museum is "abandoning its plan to use city redevelopment money to build a new museum." On the contrary, Bowers Museum plans to use funds from the city of Santa Ana's Redevelopment Agency to help finance an innovative, mixed-use cultural-commercial complex on museum property.

Additional capital funds will be provided by philanthropic donations and by a private developer, who will later share lease revenues and investment income with the museum--generating an ongoing cash flow for museum operations and programming.

By supporting this partnership with the private sector, the city of Santa Ana is demonstrating its strong commitment to Bowers Museum and the cultural maturity of the community.

And, by utilizing--not abandoning--funds from the city, Bowers Museum has the ability to develop a creative, fiscally wise plan that will result in a self-sufficient cultural institution and a great source of pride for the entire Orange County community.


President, Board of Governors

Bowers Museum

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