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Hart Versus Ferguson in Assembly Race

May 29, 1988

After the verbal abuse that Gil Ferguson directed at both a fellow Republican and his Democratic opponent during a recent campaign forum debate, I could not help but recall my recent conversation with him in Sacramento. Not only were teachers "unions" attacked, but public educators in general.

It is too bad that he is so blinded by his prejudice against organized professional and labor interests that he is no longer able to carry on an intelligent discussion. When he was pressured to finally state what public education reforms he would recommend, he forcefully retorted: "A voucher system."

Of course this is not surprising since a voucher system does not address the educational needs of all children. Other than the big developers, whom he represents quite well, Gil Ferguson has abandoned the educational needs of the children in the 70th Assembly District.

Special education, gifted and talented education, bilingual education, Miller-Unruh basic reading, the school improvement program and other categorical programs are in jeopardy of either having lost their state authorization or losing such status by June 30.

Yet Gil Ferguson cannot assume a leadership role in Sacramento and fight for a bipartisan compromise so that all the children of his district are represented.



Capistrano Unified Education Assn.

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