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Bruesch Explains Abstention

June 02, 1988

I wish to clarify a statement attributed to me in your article, "Idea to Ship Trash to Desert Sites Endorsed," (Times, May 29).

Members of the San Gabriel Valley Assn. of Cities were asked to approve a resolution asking the county Sanitation Districts to explore ways to investigate the feasibility of shipping trash to the desert for disposal.

For the past year and a half I have watched West Covina Councilwoman Nancy Manners and her fine subcommittee take what seemed to be a mere notion and shape it into a concept with tremendous possibilities. (The) article tended to frame my abstaining from voting on the resolution into disagreement with the concept. Nothing could be further from the truth. I fully support the idea of waste by rail.

My abstention arose from the fact that I believe our commitment to solving the waste problem should be divided between disposal and what we dispose of. We will always have a crisis if we do not begin to change our habits as to what we throw away. I believe that recycling and composting must be integral parts of any solution.

I praise the efforts of the San Gabriel Valley Assn. of Cities in promoting the waste by rail concept. I hope that in the near future they will just as earnestly pursue legislation such as AB 3298, which mandates statewide recycling programs.

Only through a many faceted approach will our solid waste dilemma be rectified.


Mayor, Rosemead

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