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Olgy Keeps Roots Entrenched at Buena as Football Assistant

June 02, 1988|MIKE HISERMAN | Times Staff Writer

Mike Olgy enjoys few things more than coaching football, which is the reason he says he decided in January to resign as Buena High's head coach.

"After six years, I didn't like the fund-raising and dealing with the booster club and having to keep track of all the athletes," Olgy said. "What I like to do is coach."

Olgy is doing just that this spring. And again it is at Buena, where he is an assistant to Rick Scott, the recently hired head coach.

The situation would appear rather awkward with the former head coach staying on in a lesser capacity, but all parties suggest that all is bueno at Buena.

"He feels good about what he's doing," Scott said of Olgy. "He feels comfortable as an assistant. It's worked out well."

Scott gave an example as to how smoothly the transition has gone.

"I told him to put the running plays in Monday through Wednesday," he said. "Thursday we brought the team together for offense and the offensive line knew the everything. It was further along than any offensive line I've had after a week of spring practice."

Among those not surprised to hear such praise is Joe Vaughan, Buena's athletic director.

"That situation would be a difficult one for a lot of people to handle but not for Mike Olgy," Vaughan said. "That's typical. He cares about the kids, and he loves the school and its football program.

"I'm sure it's a little tough for him at times, but he is extremely loyal and willing to do whatever the head coach wants. Above everything else, Mike is a quality human being.

"If you're in a position of needing someone behind you, Mike is the kind of person you'd want. I know Rick was really excited about keeping him around."

Olgy's roots at Buena run deep. He was a standout lineman at Buena in 1965 and '66 before moving on to Ventura College and the University of Florida.

Before becoming coach at Buena, Olgy, 39, was an assistant at Ventura College for two seasons. The seven previous seasons he was an assistant at Buena. His six-year record as Buena's head coach was 20-37-3, including a 2-8 mark last season.

"I've found that I'm more comfortable as an assistant," Olgy said. "There's less pressure and the head coach is responsible for all the administrative detail. Now I can get back to doing what I do best--working with the players."

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