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June 03, 1988| Compiled by Terry Atkinson


"Fatal Attraction." Paramount. $89.95. 1987. R. Michael Douglas, Glenn Close.

"Rent-a-Cop." HBO. $88.99. 1987. R. Burt Reynolds, Liza Minnelli.

"Visions of 8." Axon. $59.95. 1973. Eight directors' views of '72 Olympics.

"The Shanghai Gesture." Mystic Fire. $59.95. 1941. Though directed by Josef von Sternberg, not to be confused with his '32 "Shanghai Express."

"Cesar and Rosalie." Axon. $59.95. 1972. R. French. Yves Montand, Romy Schneider.

"Shout! The Story of Johnny O'Keefe." Fries. $59.95 (two cassettes). Australian TV movie about '50s pop singer.


"Disney Miniclassics." Walt Disney. $14.95. Nine short animated films and collections, approximately half an hour each. Included: "Mickey and the Beanstalk" and an edited version of "The Reluctant Dragon."

"Big Pig: Bonk! The Videos." A&M. $9.98. Australian band's 15-minute collection.

"Comedy Relief 2." Axon. $59.95. Benefit concert (shown on HBO) with top comedians.

"Radio Bikini." Pacific Arts. $59.95. This documentary on the 1946 nuclear bomb test earned a 1988 Oscar nomination.

"Freedom Beat." Pacific Arts. $19.95. Anti-apartheid concert held in January in London and starring Sting, Peter Gabriel, Sade and Elvis Costello.

"Gaite Parisienne." VAI. $39.95. "Alicia." "Giselle." VAI. $49.95. Ballet. Information: (212) 799-7798.

"The Care Bears Family Picnic." Fries. $14.95. Four animated adventures, 45 minutes.

"Matinee at the Bijou." Hollywood Select. $14.99 each. Eight collections, each containing feature, cartoon, short subject and serial chapter from the '30s.

RENTING SOON (or later)

"Cry Freedom" (June 11), "Like Father, Like Son" (June 16), "Full Metal Jacket," "Ironweed" (June 22), "Wall Street" (July 7), "Moving" (July 13), "Walker," "Isadora" (July 14), "Suspect" (July 21), "Aria" (Oct. 19), "E.T." (Oct. 27).

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