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Stars in Their Eyes

June 03, 1988| Compiled by the Fashion 88 staff

Cheryl Shuman, owner of Starry Eyes, the optical service that makes house calls to "celebrities and celebrity types," called to tell us about her latest travels. She was summoned to the "Accidental Tourist" set at Warner Bros. recently by William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Hurt chose round, 14 karat gold-filled frames with red marbelized cloissone temples by Robert La Roche. Turner's choice was a pair of large, angular Krizia sunglasses. She requested gray-brown tinted lenses with a pink blush line "to accent her cheek bones," Shuman tells us. Turner's 5-month-old daughter was on the set, and because the infant is a celebrity type, she got glasses too. "Small designer sunglasses with special UV-400 lenses," Shuman explains. They're pink and blue (natch), by Baby Mikli with spring-loaded temples to keep them in place.

The Cutting Edge

Lucky Angelo diBiase, a hair stylist to the stars, has a couple of new customers we wouldn't mind meeting. He's cutting new looks for Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin, who will be co-stars in a suspense thriller being shot in Toronto. Pacino plays an undercover cop, and he'll wear his hair long, like he's not a cop at all. Barkin plays a high-style saleswoman, and she'll have her hair precision-cut and blow-dried for a straight, shiny, "very fashionable" effect, DiBiase tells us from his chair at the Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills.

A Taiwan Trim

Once word leaked out there was a Beverly Hills hairstylist in Taipai's Grand Hotel, the requests started pouring in. Laurence Roberts, who normally hangs his scissors at the Tovar salon on Wilshire Boulevard, says his trip to Taipei, Taiwan, site of the recent Miss Universe pageant, was originally meant to be a vacation. But he was called into service by several judges, including Emilio Estefan, husband of Gloria and founder of Miami Sound Machine. Estefan only wanted a trim, but actor Fernando Allende asked for the works. He went from long, full locks to a military cut with buzzed sides and back. It wasn't just a whim. From Taipei, Allende flew to Moscow to start work on a film in which he plays a nightclub singer who fights in the Spanish Civil War. "He didn't want to take a chance on having his hair cut in Russia," Roberts says of Allende's new made-in-Taiwan style.

Going Bug-Eyed

Cesar Romero's jacket lapel deserved a closer look the night Listen spied him at a party. Actually, it was the bug on his lapel we wondered about. "It's a fly," he said. "Or a bee, take your pick." Not the usual variety. This one was gold, with a blue sapphire for a body, and Romero said it was a gift from a lady.

Getting a Hot Shoulder

Talk about perseverance. Glitzy-gowns designer Jack Reed says he phoned Sally Kirkland every day for 30 days, offering to make the actress some dresses. "Finally she called me back and said: 'With all that spunk I had to find out who you were,' " Reed said. Since then, he has styled three evening gowns for her and a cocktail dress she'll wear Thursday to a Century City art opening of her own paintings. All the dresses have off-the-shoulder necklines except the first one. When Reed saw Kirkland wearing it unhooked in back so she could wear it her way, he got the message. "She really likes her shoulders to show."

Soaps and Shampoo

We've always admired Connie Sellecca's wild and wavy mane. And we apparently weren't the only ones. Revlon's signed up the brunet star of "Hotel" and other TV soaps to do a little pitching for Flex shampoo and other hair-care products in the line. Terms of the contract weren't disclosed, but in the letter we received Sellecca says the product is one "my family and I have used for years. I would never endorse any product I did not use myself."

Streep Keeps Her Cool

It was 90 degrees in Manhattan Tuesday night, when Listen spotted Meryl Streep at a performance of "Speed the Plow," starring the now-brunet Madonna. Streep was definitely on the casual side of chic, wearing what looked like a long-sleeve T-shirt, trousers and white sneakers.

Colorful Speaker

Zandra Rhodes, the superstar London fashion designer, will speak on her favorite subject--fashion--Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in the Student Union of Cal State Northridge. Rhodes, who effects rainbow-colored hair and Morse Code eyebrows, is one of the world's most artistic fabric designers, often working her magic on dresses of chiffon. She will bring slides and examples of her handiwork to the lecture. Tickets are $12 for students, $15 for the public.

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