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Morning Briefing

These Rules Have Something for Everybody

June 03, 1988

Golden Rules: Mac Wilkins, who won the Olympic gold in 1976 and the silver in 1984 and who continues to compete in the discus, told Christine Brennan of the Washington Post that he has always gone by three rules.

"Dream and be creative like a hippie. Be crazy and take risks like the Hell's Angels. Have the discipline and perseverance of a Boy Scout. To me, those are all-American virtues."

Newsday columnist Joe Gergen took a look at the New York Yankees administration one day and discovered no fewer than four men, excluding Manager Billy Martin for the moment, with managerial experience--Clyde King, Gene Michael, Jeff Torborg and Mike Ferraro. A fifth, Lou Piniella, recently announced that he was leaving.

In addition, King and Michael have experience as general managers, and so does Ken Harrelson, at present in the broadcaster's booth.

Of owner George Steinbrenner, Gergen concluded: "(He) has run the franchise like a repertory company, switching performers when they grow stale in a particular role." He further observed: "No franchise in baseball is so conscious of maintaining depth at those key positions."

Can you name two current head football coaches (Division I-A--this isn't Trivial Pursuit) who have been head wrestling coach at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D.?

How about Jim Wacker of TCU and Don Morton of (Wisconsin.

This piece of trivia was submitted to the NCAA News by Augustana wrestling Coach Paul Kendle, who apparently is looking for a football coaching job somewhere.

Say what? From Tom Heinsohn, in the third quarter of Game 5: "Don't dare double-team Magic Johnson with more than one player."

Next year, the center fold: The University of Iowa, apparently feeling the need of a glossier image to recruit top football players, has decided to promote three of its top players and Coach Hayden Fry in some of the nation's premier sports journals.

The promotional campaign, believed to be the first of its kind to use paid advertising in national magazines, consists of a full-page spread publicizing the accomplishments of Fry, along with quarterback Chuck Hartlieb, tight end Marv Cook and nose guard Dave Haight.

Readers of Street & Smith, Game Plan, Football News and the Sporting News will see the ad, which cost the school $11,000.

"If Chuck Hartlieb wins the Heisman Trophy, 90% of the schools will be doing it next year," said George Wine, the Hawkeyes' sports information director. "It will be a bonanza for Street & Smith. They'll have to go to 300 pages."


Former light-heavyweight boxing champion Archie Moore, now 74, on Muhammad Ali: "He could have learned much more if he had listened to me."

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