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Contributions to Candidate Ferguson

June 04, 1988

Your series on political contributions to Orange County legislators (May 22-24) has been most revealing. I'd like to congratulate The Times, but I'm not sure you'd appreciate that, given the findings of your study.

For over a year now, The Times has run waves of articles with banner headlines to chronicle the allegations against Assemblyman Gil Ferguson made by a political foe.

Now, you find that Ferguson has collected more in contributions from individuals, as opposed to "corporate interest," than any other Orange County legislator.

He also got a greater share of contributions under $100, and more from retired persons, than did any of the rest.

How typical of The Times to bury these facts in a mass of information, just as Ferguson is being challenged in the Republican primary.

Playing up the fact of Ferguson's grass-roots support would be most uncomfortable for The Times reporters and editorial writers, who have tried to create the opposite image of this Republican conservative.


Laguna Beach

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